Summer League – Week 9

We hope you are enjoying the new North Suffolk Xtreme Summer Session! There are a lot of great games going on every Wednesday night, so if you haven’t joined a team yet, come on down! Check out the bottom of the homepage to see this week’s schedule. Good luck to everyone this week – have fun! Summer is here! Here are the current standings after week 9:

Manhattan vs. Montauk

Beau’s Bar 1: 8-2

Laurel 1: 7-3

Celtic Crossing: 5-5

Dublin Jack: 5-5

Past Times 1: 4-6

Conollys: 0-9

Beach Pub 10-0

Past Times 2: 7-3

GreyMeers: 6-4

Laurel 2: 5-4

Beau’s Bar 2: 2-8

Felt Billiards: 1-9

Tournament of Champions

We would like congratulate and thank each and every player of the North Suffolk Dart League on an outstanding season for Spring 2014!!! We have all worked very hard on making this season the best that the North Suffolk Dart League has ever had, and with your help we have. Every player helped to make each Tuesday a competitive, exciting and fun night for the past 5 months and we are so happy with the turnout the league saw week after week. We hope you enjoyed playing this season and hope you are looking forward to the Fall. We have some truly unbelievable things in store for next season. Thank you so much, and congratulations to our Spring 2014 winners and to every team and player that participated this season.

Marc Aiello – President  – Krystina Aizic – Secretary  – Ray Jones – Statistician


The Winners of the Spring 2014 Season

The First Ever Silver Cup Winners Are

Nicky’s of Centerport


IMG_0508IMG_0502In one of the most exciting matches we have seen at playoffs, Nicky’s won the first ever Silver Cup!

And the Winner of the Spring 2014 Championship Trophy is..

Laurel 1

IMG_0372 IMG_0441IMG_0435


North Suffolk Xtreme Summer Session

Welcome to the North Suffolk Xtreme Summer Session! We have developed a very interesting lineup for summer, which include a few differences and twists from which both leagues are not used to – so please read the guidelines thoroughly. We are very pleased to see the overwhelming interest in Summer League Darts. North Suffolk Dart League and Xtreme League have a very bright future together. Good luck to every team competing in the Summer Session. Here are the basic guidelines for the Summer Session

  • Each player is only allowed to play in one of each A,B,C,D,E game per night
  • Any player who plays on a given night must play a minimum of 2 games that night
  • Once a player has played in a match, that player may not play for another team without league permission (min. of 24 hr notice)
  • In order to be eligible for the playoffs, a player must participate in half the matches plus 1 game
  • During summer session, any player is eligible to play that night. (Except for the playoffs)
  • Home team must keep score each match
  • You must double in in the following games: B, D, E
  • Food is not mandatory, however always welcomed
  • Starting time is 8pm on Wednesday nights
  • There will be no byes during playoffs
  • There are 12 teams registerd for summer session.
  • We will be having 2 divisions which were randomly picked
  • The top 4 teams from each division will make the playoffs
  • Teams will be seeded according to their win loss record, head to head points, then overall points
  • We will be purchasing a 3 foot trophy for the first winner of the New Summer Session!
  • The new trophy will be held at the winning bar until they lose it!
  • Please send in pictures of both sheets (Home and Away) by emailing them immediately to following each match. (5 points will be deducted if pictures are not received within 24 hours)

Enjoy the summer and our new collaborative North Suffolk Xtreme Summer Session! ——————————————————————————

The Schedule for this upcoming week, 08/13/14 is as follows:


Beau’s 1 @ Greymeers

Past Times 1  @ Felt Billiards

Conolly’s @ Beach Pub

Laurel 2  @ Dublin Jack

Celtic Crossing @ Laurel 1

Past Times 2 @ Beau’s 2

Summer Session Divisions

EmpireStateBuildingAndManhattanSkyline3 MontaukOval-212 Manhattan     vs      Montauk

Beau’s Bar 1                    Beach Pub

Celtic Crossing                Beau’s Bar 2

Connolly’s                       Felt Billiards

                                          Dublin Jack                    Greymeers

                                         Laurel 1                              Laurel 2                        

                                        Past Times 1                     Past Times 2