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Player of the Week

Player of the Week – Week Two (9/23/14)



Player of the Week: Rob Nicholes (Past Times 1) – This week Rob was the only silver player to go 4-0, and 1 of 2 to do it in the entire LEAGUE! It’s great to see a member of the Summer 2014 Championship team continuing that drive and success into the Fall 2014 season! Great work, Rob!

Honorable Mention:

  • Jon Amaya (HVT 2) – Jon went 3-1 and hit a 114, a 121, and a 140!
  • Nick Ryan (Colony) – Nick went 3-1 and a hit a C7 and 3 corks
  • Chris Woods (Beau’s Bar 2) – Chris went 3-1 and hit a 100 open and a 113
  • Joe Casper (Colony) – Joe went 3-1 and hit a 121 and 3 corks
  • Drew Conolly (Conolly’s) – Drew hit a 100, another 100 and a C7


Player of the Week: Krystina Aizic (Conolly’s) – This week Krystina went 3-0 and hit a 98, a C6 and nailed 3 corks. We look forward to seeing what Krystina and the newly formed Conolly’s Team has to show us this season!

Honorable Mention:

  • Danielle Boncic (HVT 2) – Danielle had a 100 winning percentage this week
  • Jenn Sonner (Valencia) – Jenn nailed 3 corks in her game of cricket this week



Player of the Week:  Danny Byrne (Laurel 2) – Helping the Laurel continue their winning streak this season, Danny went 3-0 this week and hit a C7 and 3 corks! It’s great to see the Laurel 2 team up on top where they belong!

Honorable Mention:

  • Robby Deitz (Nags Head) – Robby went 3-1 with a 100 and another 100!
  • Joey Iovino (Past Times) – This week Joey hit a 95, a C7 and 3 corks



Player of the Week: Mary Lioio (HVT 1) – This is Mary’s 2nd week in a row being Player of the Week! This week Mary not only won 2 games, but hit a 140.. TWICE! Mary was a 2013 MVP and it is obvious she is on a mission to claim the same title in 2014! Awesome job, Mary!

Honorable Mention:

  • Dani Jennings (Laurel 2) Dani hit a C6




Player of the Week: Jeff Smocer (Beach Pub) – This week Jeff was 1 of 2 players in the entire LEAGUE to go 4-0, and the only diamond player to achieve this task! In addition to that, he also hit a 137 during one of his games of ’01. Jeff’s contributions helped lead Beach Pub to the top of the sheets this week! Amazing work Jeff, and good luck the rest of the season to you and your team.

Honorable Mention:

  • Keith Valeri (Laurel 1) – Keith went 3-1 with a 100 and a 95
  • Ron Rabin (Laurel 1) – Ron went 3-0 with a C6
  • Mike Benedetto (Changing Times) – Mike went 3-1 and had a 14 dart game of 301


Player of the Week: Marcia Loche (Laurel 1) Spring 2014 MVP – This week, Marcia showed us once again why she is continually at the top of the sheets, a member of multiple clubs, and a repeat MVP! She went 3-1 this week and hit a 95 in high points, a 126 high close, 3 corks, 4 corks and 3 corks again! We hope this stellar performance is just the tip of the iceberg for what this season has in store for you, Marcia! Fantastic job!!!

Honorable Mention:

Welcome Back

Hey guys and gals! We had a fantastic first week back. I hope you all enjoyed our first week and are looking forward to this season as much as we are! Schedules and stats are now posted under each division. As a reminder, this season the sheets should be emailed directly to stats@northsuffolkdarts.com only – This will help speed up the process and get information out quicker! Welcome back, and good luck to you all this season.

Spring 2014 Champions

We would like congratulate and thank each and every player of the North Suffolk Dart League on an outstanding season for Spring 2014!!! We have all worked very hard on making this season the best that the North Suffolk Dart League has ever had, and with your help we have. Every player helped to make each Tuesday a competitive, exciting and fun night for the past 5 months and we are so happy with the turnout the league saw week after week. We hope you enjoyed playing this season and hope you are looking forward to the Fall. We have some truly unbelievable things in store for next season. Thank you so much, and congratulations to our Spring 2014 winners and to every team and player that participated this season.

Marc Aiello – President  – Krystina Aizic – Secretary 


The Winners of the Spring 2014 Season

The First Ever Silver Cup Winners Are

Nicky’s of Centerport


IMG_0508IMG_0502In one of the most exciting matches we have seen at playoffs, Nicky’s won the first ever Silver Cup!

And the Winner of the Spring 2014 Championship Trophy is..

Laurel 1

IMG_0372 IMG_0441IMG_0435