Player of the Week


Week 6 –  10/21/14 – Our Player of the Week article is done in Pink for the Month of the October to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer.




Player of the Week: We have a tie between two players from Checkers 2! Mitch Aronson and Dale Murisco! Both of these guys had a fantastic night and went 4-0. Their games helped clench the win for their team this past week as the intensity of the match came down to 601. Great job guys!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Lou DiFrusco (Checkers 2) Lou went 3-1 and hit a 100
  • Tom Troxler, (PT1) Mike Sheehan (PT1) and Frank Aliperi (Valencia) all went 3-0
  • Dave Senderoff (HVT 2) hit a C6 not once, but TWICE!


Player of the Week:  Jenn Sonner (Valencia) – Jenn is no stranger to this position and this week she was the only woman to go undefeated! As we watch the Valencia creep up the Silver ladder, we know it is not only because of Jenn’s fearless leadership, but because of her skill and love for the game.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Krystina Aizic (Conollys) – Krystina won 2 games and hit a 96
  • Patti Lynch (HVT 3) – Patti hit a 135 and had a 75 close in a game of ’01!





Player of the Week: Robby Deitz 2014 MVP (Nags Head) – Taking the Gold division by the horns, Robby has swooped in to remind us all why he is a North Suffolk Dart League MVP! This week he went 3-1 and hit a 99, a 134, had a 97 open and hit a C7! Robby’s heart and soul go into this game every week and we are so excited to see it paying off match after match. Congrats to Robby, and all of the Nags Head team on an amazing week defeating the only undefeated team that was left in the league!

Honorable Mention:

  • Tom Pickerall (Laurel 2) –  Tom went 3-0 and had a 97 close in ’01.
  • Joey Iovino (Past Times 2) – Joey went 3-1 and hit a 101
  • Jon Gabel (Finnians) – Jon went 3-1 and hit a 100
  • Dave Kaplan (HVT 1) – Dave went 3-1 and hit 3 corks


Player of the Week: Dee Jurgens (Past Times 2) – Dee had an outstanding night on Tuesday, going 3-0 and hitting a 100 and a 120! This past week was a rival match between last seasons Silver Cup Finalists and Dee’s skills paid off as she led her team to victory! Congrats Dee and PT2! 

Honorable Mention:

  • Rachel Walker (Nags Head) – Rachel went 2-1 and hit a 100
  • Mary Lioio (HVT 1) – Mary won 2 games and hit a 100




Player of the Week: Keith Valeri (Laurel 1) – Lighting the sheets up again, Keith is a beast this season! He went 4-0 on Tuesday and hit a 100, a 95, a 116 and 3 corks! Keith’s efforts helped keep his team on top this week as the reigning champs hope to keep their trophy this season!

Honorable Mention:

  • John Modzelewski (Beach Pub) – John went 4-0 with a 133
  • Jeff Teplansky (Beau’s 1) – Jeff went 4-0 with a 100
  • Jim King (Beau’s 1) – Jim went 4-0
  • Toby McKay (Beau’s 1) – Toby went 4-0
  • Nick Rini (Beach Pub) – Nick went 3-1 with a 121, a 100, a 97 and 3 corks
  • John Wood (Changing Times) – John hit a 100, a 138, a 100 and 3 corks


Player of the Week: Marcia Loche (Laurel 1) 2013/2014 MVP: This week Marcia went undefeated, winning all 3 of her games and scoring a 97 in high points, a C7, and then another C7! Marcia is on a roll this season and we can’t wait to see how she does as the 2nd half of the season approaches.

Long Island Tour


The most recent installment of the Long Island Tour took place on Saturday, October 4th 2014 at Johnny Malones in Wantagh. The event was a great success for our league as we were represented by Dan Klei (Past Times 2), Krystina Aizic (Conollys), Nick Rini (Beach Pub) and event 6 winner and our President, Marc Aiello (Beach Pub). Check out the bracket picture to see how far our players came! We cannot wait for the next event which will be held at The Laurel again!

The Event was followed up by the “Mike G Fundraiser,” a Luck of the Draw tournament benefiting the American Heart Association, where Krystina and her partner came in as the runners up! We are very happy that our league was represented so strongly in these events and hope more and more of our players will continue to participate in these events!




Spring 2014 Champions

We would like congratulate and thank each and every player of the North Suffolk Dart League on an outstanding season for Spring 2014!!! We have all worked very hard on making this season the best that the North Suffolk Dart League has ever had, and with your help we have. Every player helped to make each Tuesday a competitive, exciting and fun night for the past 5 months and we are so happy with the turnout the league saw week after week. We hope you enjoyed playing this season and hope you are looking forward to the Fall. We have some truly unbelievable things in store for next season. Thank you so much, and congratulations to our Spring 2014 winners and to every team and player that participated this season.

Marc Aiello – President  – Krystina Aizic – Secretary 


The Winners of the Spring 2014 Season

The First Ever Silver Cup Winners Are

Nicky’s of Centerport


IMG_0508IMG_0502In one of the most exciting matches we have seen at playoffs, Nicky’s won the first ever Silver Cup!

And the Winner of the Spring 2014 Championship Trophy is..

Laurel 1

IMG_0372 IMG_0441IMG_0435